Where am I now?

Well, the early release that I promised almost two months ago hasn’t materialized, it’s true, but I haven’t been idle. The launcher is “finished”, in the sense that it’s feature complete and seems to work well on Windows, but I haven’t had the opportunity to sit down in front of a Mac or Linux box and try it out there. The launcher can automatically update the game whenever I do a new release, but it can’t update itself. I don’t want to do build after build to fix lots of platform-specific issues, so I’m holding off until I can be sure that it behaves itself on all three target platforms. Then, hopefully, I can forget about it for a little while, and just leave it to do its job.

In the meantime, I’ve been making some progress on Shootah itself. It is beginning, slowly but surely, to turn in an actual game, albeit a very simple one. See below for a shot of your little triangular spaceship exploding in a shower of pixels under the onslaught of identical little triangular spaceships. They’re coloured red though, so you know that they are evil.

Further development may depend on being able to tear myself away from the deeply wonderful Legend of Grimrock.

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