Shootah 0.3

Holy crap! An update!

Shootah has been updated to version 0.3! Here’s the changelog:

  • Changed controls. Mouse is no longer used in-game. Instead, use a USB game controller or keyboard.
  • Energy now only drains while firing.
  • Added pause menu.
  • New sounds.
  • New enemies.
  • Extended first level.
  • Tweaked glow effect.
  • Window size remembered between sessions.
  • Menus now use native mouse pointer or controller.

Obviously the biggest change is the control system. I’ve rambled on enough about it already, but in short: mouse is out (except for menus), controllers are in, but keyboard is supported if you don’t have one.

If playing with the keyboard, use the arrow keys to move, left-ctrl to shoot, and space to fire the superweapon. Escape will bring up the pause menu.

An XBox 360 controller is currently recommended, but other USB controllers should work ok. The next version will allow keyboard and controller assignments to be customized.

There’s still only one level, but it’s getting close to where I can start thinking about designing more. Hopefully there won’t be so large a gap between releases next time.

As always, the game should update automatically when you launch it. If you don’t already have it, grab it from the download page why dontcha?

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  1. Ian Beveridge

    Good lord yes, that’s much more satisfyingly violent


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