Trancendence is a short VR experience for Android devices with Google Cardboard, and is free to download from the Play Store.

“A teacher’s voice instructs you through a short meditation session. You will soon leave your body and witness the Big Bang. As the universe expands through you, look around to manipulate the flow of time.”

This was a collaborative project for which I did Unity programming and published under the Washing-Up moniker. It was originally conceived as a GearVR app for VR Jam 2015, though this was hindered somewhat by the fact that none of the team had access to an actual GearVR headset.  We did however succeed in getting a version running on an Oculus DK2, but after playing around with the Google Cardboard SDK we eventually focussed our attention on the one platform that most of the team could actually afford to own.  We still have the ability to easily produce Oculus builds, however, so a version for that platform may become available in the future.

Project Lead: Paul Gasca
Lead Programmer: Alex McChesney
Lead Artist: Kyle Armstrong
Music Composer: Jacob Getz
3D Modeller / Dialog Writer: Stephanie Traska
Voice / Sound FX: Jeff McMillen
Candle Modeller: Mark Thompson
Additional Design: David French
Water FX: CJ Millican

Sun / Galaxies: Union Assets
Sun Particle FX: Mirza Beig
Shockwave Texture: Virginie Moerenhout
Splash Sound FX: General Series 6000
Binaural Beats: Sacred Acoustics

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