On Completion

Today is the last day of July, and Exciting Adventures In Clickable Space, the game I started for a two-week game jam back in April, still is not done, despite being my main creative project since then. Obviously I both underestimated the scope of the thing (though it is still pretty simple), and, perhaps more significantly, overestimated the amount of time I’m able to eke out of my day to work on personal projects.

This latter point is frustrating but not defeating. There’s a lesson to be learned about not taking on additional work, no matter how fun or tempting it may be. My resolution to actually complete the projects I begin remains fast.

Clickable Space is, to be honest, a bit of a trainwreck. There is some nasty code in there that I’m not particularly proud of. This is part of its genesis as a jam game, and much of it was hacked out hard and fast in a futile attempt to reach the deadline. I can’t say I’m enjoying working on it a whole lot, though it does have fun moments, but I’m suppressing the temptation to just dump it and go “up a level” to my second-tier distraction project. For better or worse I will complete it.

And thankfully the finishing line is in sight. That doesn’t mean tomorrow, because at my current pace things that are in sight can still take a long time to reach, but I am on the home stretch for sure.

Let these not be famous last words.

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