Not Dead

What? You actually believed that bit about releases coming more often? Ah-hahaha! Sucker!

Butseriouslyfolks, a new job and getting ready to move house and having kids and a wife and a big Steam backlog that all need my attention mean that progress has been slow, but has not stopped. I spent a fair bit of time doing boring GUI stuff, which means that you can now reconfigure controls, adjust volume settings, switch to full-screen and so forth. But I didn’t want to do a release that didn’t have any new game content, so Shootah now also has…

>drumroll< Level 2! Anyway, there's just a bit of tweaking to do, then I'll try and sneak a release out. In other news, doesn't Google Play Game Services look jolly neat? I was thinking that I might roll my own leaderboard/achievement system down the line, but now there’s no need.

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