New Krnchiness Coming Soon

So I’ve  had a new version of Krnch pretty much ready to go for a few weeks now. It adds all sorts of cool new stuff to the game, in the form of new weapons and power ups that players can buy between rounds with coins that can be picked up during the match.

The problem with making a local-multiplayer game is that if you make big gameplay changes, you need multiple local players to effectively test them and make sure it’s still fun. The only other gamer in my household who can play the game well and give me feedback is eight years old, and while I genuinely value his opinion, I’d really like to get some more eyes on it. Having said that, if I can’t get a playtesting session arranged soon, I may just stick the current build out there and address any balance issues in future updates.

After that, I anticipate that the next major update to the game will include AI players, so that’s at least something I can test all on my lonesome .

In the meantime, I have resurrected my little vectory shmup STR-1 and started on its second full rewrite. The original version (AKA ‘Shootah’) was written in Java, but when I decided that other might be better as a mobile game, I started remaking it in Unity . I was never quite happy with how that version was turning out, not least because it was my first proper Unity project . A lot of mistakes were made and the code was pretty crufty, but I had always intended to return to it once Krnch was in good shape, give it a good old whack with the refactoring stick, and finish it off. However some of the new features in Unity 5.5, (particularly the new “not-completely-broken” linerenderer component), inspired me to return to it, and it was quickly apparent after reacquainting myself with the code that I’d be best just chucking the lot and starting again.  And I’m glad I did, because the new version is already better than the last in a fraction of the time. I feel like I may actually finish the thing eventually.

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