Jocelyn Undergoes Many Perils

Game jams, eh? Not so much a test of programming skills as your ability to manage scope. That’s not something I’ve been very good at in the past. My last jam game ended up taking five months to complete.

I was already working on a Gameboy-themed project when I noticed that GBJam 6 was starting. I figured that since I already had a bit of experience with setting up a Unity project for a 160×144 viewport, plus a palette for drawing sprites in the Gameboy’s 4 shades of grey (or green, depending on how you look at it), that I’d give it a go. Free time was, as always, a precious commodity, and GBJam only runs for a week, but I promised myself that I’d keep things as simple as possible and move fast. No galaxy-generation algorithms this time, just a nice simple platformer.

And you know what? I actually managed it. Jocelyn Undergoes Many Perils is the result. 20 levels of classic single-screen platforming, with infinite lives but a timer that is continually ticking down. You can top it up with time crystals scattered around the levels. It’s not super-original, paying homage to Super Meat Boy, N++ and the grandaddy of them all Manic Miner, but I’m rather proud of it.

Download it for Windows. It’s free on If voting for the jam is open then a rating would be much appreciated. (It was extended for a couple of days, which gave me time to add a wee bit of polish and fix some bugs that were in the originally uploaded version.)

Once the jam is over, I’m thinking of making “Jocelyn DX”. It’ll stick to the same resolution but using a palette closer to the Gameboy Color, with maybe a few more levels and some quality of life improvements. Plus an open-world MMO mode.

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