Exciting Adventures in Clickable Space

Space is vast.

Computers, on the other hand, are small. They have low-resolution black-white-screens and can only be interacted with through mouse clicks.

Now, for the first time, Washing-Up Software Projects bring you a whole galaxy of planets to explore, all within the confines of your computer screen.

Trade between star systems, battle evil space pirates, and earn cold hard cash with which to customize your trusty vessel. Experience Exciting Adventures in Clickable Space today!

Play it in your browser on itch.io:

Or read the manual first.


Exciting Adventures in Clickable Space was originally conceived for 1-Bit Clicker Jam in April 2017. However, as the two-week deadline approached it became obvious that I wasn’t going to finish it in time. With only two days to go (equating to only a few hours of actual dev time), I quickly put together Clickshot II Turbo, just so as to have something to submit and not feel like a total failure. Still, I thought, I may as well finish Clickable Space. I mean, it should only take another week or so.

Cut to September 2017, and finally it’s in a state that I can reasonably call “done”.

If it’s not clear, the intention was to produce a very cut-down, low-resolution, mouse-only clone of 1984’s classic Elite. I think it’s not a bad attempt. For a two-week jam game. >Ahem<

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