Clickshot II Turbo

When I read about 1-Bit Clicker Jam I had a great idea that I thought I could knock out before the two-week deadline without too much difficulty.

Unfortunately I have a very shaky grasp on the concept of time and how much of mine is taken up by work, eating, sleeping, family, and tedious admin, so of course I didn’t finish in time.

As the deadline grew closer and it became obvious that I wouldn’t have anything that would legally constitute a “game” by the time it arrived, I decided to have a crack at making something incredibly simple that I could reasonably “finish” in just a few hours and that would satisfy the conditions of the jam.  Thus: Clickshot II Turbo was born!

Play it in your browser right here.  All you need to do is click.  Blast the aliens.  Also blast the power-ups.  They’re good for you.